Corporate Governance Advisory

I invite you to jointly discover your organisation’s hidden potential.

Joanna Meyer

Corporate Governance Advisory

I invite you to jointly discover your organisation’s hidden potential.

Joanna Meyer

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed.

Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

– Arthur Schopenhauer –

My Services.

I believe that risks and chances have the same high amplitude of energy, but the one destroys the other creates the future of an organisation. It’s my true passion to uncover the hidden potential of any organization by identifying inefficiencies in the processes and inconsistencies in the goal setting to prevent high risks that would negatively affect the success of an organisation. By opening room for the motivation of every participant of the process and aligning them with the organsiations’ goals we jointly increase the power to reach for the next level of success for the individuals and the organizations. We jointly make an impact on the future.


My Compliance related services encompass a full scope support to an organisation’s internal compliance model:

  • designing and establishing an independent compliance function including whistleblowing procedure
  • identifying all legislative and regulatory obligation
  • review of internal adherence to regulatory guidelines
  • completeness and adherence to internal compliance policies
  • designing and providing compliance trainings
  • setting up and improving counterparty due diligence process
  • design, implementation and training on Code of Conduct


I provide tailored efficiency reviews of Enterprise Risk Management System. My key mission is to support my client to outscore his own current results and to uncover what has not been discovered yet or even forgotten. I challenge the current design of the risk models to make sure that any of my client can maintain high operational efficiency and can make informed decisions. 

I strongly believe that only a wholehearted engagement of the management can result in managing the risks properly and therefore to sustain on the market, I encourage my clients to be the best in this role and I assist them as their sparring partner.

Internal Audit
As a seasoned Internal Audit professional, I provide an objective and independent review performing Internal Audit reviews of all areas of an enterprise: strategy, operations, finance, and compliance matters. By providing assurance on the quality and effectiveness of internal processes as well as providing consulting activity aimed to add value and improve an organization’s operations, I always support my clients in getting the best out of the Internal Audit approach.  I serve my clients with comprehensive recommendations enabling them to close control gaps. I am also specialised in performing independent forensic and fraud reviews including highly confidential project aiming to restore internal compliance with all internal and external rules.
Corporate Governance

I provide governance reviews and recommendations tailored to the size, structure, ownership and legal structure of the enterprise. My reviews provide a comprehensive assessment on the roles, functions and the effectiveness of the corporate governance process in place. 

I enable my clients to enhance their governance practices to make sure that the corporate governance process provides a clear guidance to the enterprise how to maintain growth in all areas of the business.

Who is JM Advisory.


19 years of professional experience

I have an expertise in Internal and External Audit, Risk Management, Financial Controlling, Regulatory Compliance and Corporate Governance

5 continents

5 languages

German, English, Polish, French and Russian

Worked in the sky for the satellite industry and under the earth for mining companies

My accomplishments

Removed concerns of numerous CEOs and CFOs

Challenged Supervisory Boards to a new view

Showed the management “how to walk the talk”

Restored trust within teams after a failure

Stopped bad and ugly mistakes from happening again


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